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Speech & Hearing Sciences
Eagleson 157

Christi W.

Affiliate Senior Lecturer
Research and Clinical Audiologist
B.S. The University of Texas - Austin
M.A. The University of Texas - Austin
Ph.D. The University of Washington - Seattle
Academic Expertise: 
Hearing Loss
Hearing Aids

Dr. Christi Miller joined the UW Speech and Hearing Sciences Department in 2013.  The aim of her research is to improve outcomes for hearing aid users. Specifically she focuses on the interaction between hearing aid processing and distortion from the listener's auditory system to help explain why a wide range of performance occurs in noisy environments.  She also teaches many graduate level courses and supervises graduate student clinicians.

Recent Publications
The Effects of Static and Moving Spectral Ripple Sensitivity on Unaided and Aided Speech Perception in Noise. (2018 Dec 10) J Speech Lang Hear Res 61(12): 3113-3126 Miller CW, Bernstein JGW, Zhang X, Wu YH, Bentler RA, Tremblay K

Effects of hearing loss on maintaining and switching attention. (2018) Acta Acust United Acust 104(5): 787-791 Lee AK, Larson E, Miller CW

Working Memory and Speech Recognition in Noise Under Ecologically Relevant Listening Conditions: Effects of Visual Cues and Noise Type Among Adults With Hearing Loss. (2017 Aug 16) J Speech Lang Hear Res 60(8): 2310-2320 Miller CW, Stewart EK, Wu YH, Bishop C, Bentler RA, Tremblay K

Output signal-to-noise ratio and speech perception in noise: effects of algorithm. (2017 Aug) Int J Audiol 56(8): 568-579 Miller CW, Bentler RA, Wu YH, Lewis J, Tremblay K

Exploring the Relevance of Items in the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB) for Individuals With Hearing Loss. (2017 Mar 1) Am J Audiol 26(1): 27-37 Miller CW, Baylor CR, Birch K, Yorkston KM