Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences
1715 NE Columbia Rd, Portage Bay Building
Eagleson 102



Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2015) Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington
B.S. (2010) Psychology Department, Pacific Lutheran University

Selected Publications:

Zhao, T. C., Corrigan, N. M., Yarnykh, V. L. & Kuhl, P. K. (In Press). Development of executive function-related skill is related to both neural structure and function in infants. Developmental Science.

Zhao, T. C., Llanos, F., Chandrasekaran, B., & Kuhl, P. K. (2022). Language experience during the period narrows infants’ sensory encoding of lexical tones—Music intervention reverses it. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16. (PDF)

Llanos, F., Zhao, T. C., Kuhl, P. K., & Chandrasekaran, B. (2022). The emergence of idiosyncratic patterns in the frequency-following response during the first year of life. JASA Express Letters 2(5): 054401.

Zhao, T. C., & Kuhl, P. K. (2022). Development of speech processing and its relation to later language development: an MEG study. Neuroimage 256, 119242.

Zhao, T. C. (2022). Neural-behavioral relation in phonetic discrimination modulated by language background. Brain Sciences 12(4): 461.

Zhao, T. C., Boorom, O., & Kuhl, P. K., & Gordon, R. (2021). Infants’ neural speech discrimination predicts individual differences in grammar ability at 6 years of age and their risk of developing speech-language disorders. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.

Zhao, T. C., & Kuhl, P. K. (2020). Neural and physiological relations observed in musical beat and meter processing. Brain and Behavior, 10(11), e01836.

Zhao, T. C., Masapollo, M., Polka, L., Ménard, L., & Kuhl, P. K. (2019). Effects of formant proximity and stimulus prototypicality on the neural discrimination of vowels: Evidence from the auditory frequency-following response. Brain and Language,194, 77-83.

Zhao, T. C., & Kuhl, P. K. (2018). Linguistic effect on speech perception observed at the brainstem. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115 (35), 8716-8721.

Zhao, T. C., Lam, H. T. G., Sohi, H., & Kuhl, P. K. (2017). Neural processing of musical meter in musicians and non-musicians. Neuropsychologia, 106 (Supplement C), 289-297. Neuropsychologia.2017.10.007

Zhao, T. C., & Kuhl, P. K. (2016). Musical intervention enhances infants’ neural processing of temporal structure in music and speech. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(19), 5212-5217.

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