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Recent Publications
The evolution of parkinsonism in primary progressive apraxia of speech: A 6-year longitudinal study. (2020 Oct 7) Parkinsonism Relat Disord 81(): 34-40 Seckin ZI, Duffy JR, Strand EA, Clark HM, Utianski RL, Machulda MM, Botha H, Ali F, Thu Pham NT, Lowe VJ, Whitwell JL, Josephs KA

Corrigendum to "Prosodic and phonetic subtypes of primary progressive apraxia of speech" [Brain Lang. 184 (2018) 54-65]. (2020 Jun) Brain Lang 205(): 104792 Utianski RL, Duffy JR, Clark HM, Strand EA, Botha H, Schwarz CG, Machulda MM, Senjem ML, Spychalla AJ, Jack CR Jr, Petersen RC, Lowe VJ, Whitwell JL, Josephs KA

Neuroanatomical correlates of phonologic errors in logopenic progressive aphasia. (2020 May) Brain Lang 204(): 104773 Petroi D, Duffy JR, Borgert A, Strand EA, Machulda MM, Senjem ML, Jack CR Jr, Josephs KA, Whitwell JL

Longitudinal Amyloid-β PET in Atypical Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration. (2020) J Alzheimers Dis 74(1): 377-389 Whitwell JL, Tosakulwong N, Weigand SD, Graff-Radford J, Duffy JR, Clark HM, Machulda MM, Botha H, Utianski RL, Schwarz CG, Senjem ML, Strand EA, Ertekin-Taner N, Jack CR, Lowe VJ, Josephs KA

Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing: A Treatment Strategy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. (2020 Feb 7) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 29(1): 30-48 Strand EA