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Speech & Hearing Sciences
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Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Graduate Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Speech Pathology, University of Washington (2003)
M.S., Speech Pathology, University of Pittsburgh (1992)
B.A., Speech & Hearing Science, University of Pittsburgh (1990)
Recent Publications
Dysarthria following Stroke. (2018 Feb) Semin Speech Lang 39(1): 15-24 Spencer KA, Brown KA

The Nature of Error Consistency in Individuals With Acquired Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia. (2017 Jun 22) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 26(2S): 611-630 Bislick L, McNeil M, Spencer KA, Yorkston K, Kendall DL

Internally Versus Externally Cued Speech in Parkinson's Disease and Cerebellar Disease. (2017 Jun 22) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 26(2S): 583-595 Weir-Mayta P, Spencer KA, Eadie TL, Yorkston K, Savaglio S, Woollcott C

The impact of dose on naming accuracy with persons with aphasia. (2016) Aphasiology 30(9): 983-1011 Off CA, Griffin JR, Spencer KA, Rogers M

Addressing Communicative Participation in Treatment Planning for Adults: A Survey of U.S. Speech-Language Pathologists. (2016 Aug 1) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 25(3): 355-70 Torrence JM, Baylor CR, Yorkston KM, Spencer KA