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Speech & Hearing Sciences
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Professor and Associate Chair
Graduate Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Speech Pathology, University of Washington (2003)
M.S., Speech Pathology, University of Pittsburgh (1992)
B.A., Speech & Hearing Science, University of Pittsburgh (1990)
Recent Publications
Investigating Perceptual Subgroups in Speakers With Ataxic Dysarthria: An Auditory Free Classification Approach. (2023 Aug 17) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 32(4S): 1901-1911 Spencer KA, Amaral J, Lansford K

The efficacy of acoustic-based articulatory phenotyping for characterizing and classifying four divergent neurodegenerative diseases using sequential motion rates. (2022 Dec) J Neural Transm (Vienna) 129(12): 1487-1511 Rowe HP, Gochyyev P, Lammert AC, Lowit A, Spencer KA, Dickerson BC, Berry JD, Green JR

Effect of Noise on Speech Intelligibility and Perceived Listening Effort in Head and Neck Cancer. (2021 Jun 18) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 30(3S): 1329-1342 Eadie TL, Durr H, Sauder C, Nagle K, Kapsner-Smith M, Spencer KA

The Relationship Between Speech Characteristics and Motor Subtypes of Parkinson's Disease. (2020 Nov 12) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 29(4): 2145-2154 Brown KA, Spencer KA

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Individuals With Parkinson's Disease: Developing and Piloting an External Aids Treatment Program. (2020 Feb 7) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 29(1): 1-19 Spencer KA, Paul J, Brown KA, Ellerbrock T, Sohlberg MM