Curriculum Vitae: 

Speech & Hearing Sciences
1417 NE 42nd Street

Lynne A.

Professor Emeritus
B.A., Northwestern University, 1973
M.A., Ph.D., Loyola University, 1977, 1980
Academic Expertise: 
human auditory development
Honors & Awards: 
Fellow, Acoustical Society of America
Recent Publications
Spectrotemporal Modulation Discrimination in Infants With Normal Hearing. (2023 Jan-Feb 01) Ear Hear 44(1): 109-117 Noble AR, Resnick J, Broncheau M, Klotz S, Rubinstein JT, Werner LA, Horn DL

Infant Pitch and Timbre Discrimination in the Presence of Variation in the Other Dimension. (2021 Dec) J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 22(6): 693-702 Lau BK, Oxenham AJ, Werner LA

Development of the Mechanisms Underlying Audiovisual Speech Perception Benefit. (2021 Jan 5) Brain Sci 11(1): Lalonde K, Werner LA

Infants' use of isolated and combined temporal cues in speech sound segregation. (2020 Jul) J Acoust Soc Am 148(1): 401 Oster MM, Werner LA

Infants and Adults Use Visual Cues to Improve Detection and Discrimination of Speech in Noise. (2019 Oct 25) J Speech Lang Hear Res 62(10): 3860-3875 Lalonde K, Werner LA