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Curriculum Vitae: 

Speech & Hearing Sciences
1417 NE 42nd St., Seattle, WA 98105
106 Eagleson Hall


Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Washington
M.S. University of Washington
B.A. State University of New York at Binghamton
Academic Expertise: 
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Evidence Based Practice
Recent Publications
Implementation Research: Embracing Practitioners' Views. (2018 Mar 15) J Speech Lang Hear Res 61(3): 645-657 Feuerstein JL, Olswang LB, Greenslade KJ, Dowden P, Pinder GL, Madden J

Moving Triadic Gaze Intervention Into Practice: Measuring Clinician Attitude and Implementation Fidelity. (2017 May 24) J Speech Lang Hear Res 60(5): 1285-1298 Feuerstein J, Olswang LB, Greenslade K, Pinder GL, Dowden P, Madden J

Triadic gaze intervention for young children with physical disabilities. (2014 Oct) J Speech Lang Hear Res 57(5): 1740-53 Olswang LB, Dowden P, Feuerstein J, Greenslade K, Pinder GL, Fleming K

Validating dynamic assessment of triadic gaze for young children with severe disabilities. (2013 Aug) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 22(3): 449-62 Olswang LB, Feuerstein JL, Pinder GL, Dowden P

Development of the communication complexity scale. (2012 Feb) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 21(1): 16-28 Brady NC, Fleming K, Thiemann-Bourque K, Olswang L, Dowden P, Saunders MD, Marquis J