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Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Eagleson 160


Associate Professor
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Irvine, 2010-2014
Ph.D., Hearing Science, Indiana University Bloomington, 2010
M.Sc., Engineering Acoustics, Technical University of Denmark, 2006
B.Sc., Applied Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2003
Academic Expertise: 
Understanding the mechanisms (cochlear, central, and cognitive) responsible for individual differences in the difficulties experienced by listeners with hearing loss
Determining why people with hearing loss experience variable benefit from assistive listening devices
Development of rapid assessment tools for application in the clinic
Construct and develop auditory models that can describe individual differences in speech perception
Recent Publications
The effect of rhythm on selective listening in multiple-source environments for young and older adults. (2023 Aug) Hear Res 435(): 108789 Pearson DV, Shen Y, McAuley JD, Kidd GR

Differential sensitivity to speech rhythms in young and older adults. (2023) Front Psychol 14(): 1160236 Pearson DV, Shen Y, McAuley JD, Kidd GR

Spectral weighting for sentence recognition in steady-state and amplitude-modulated noise. (2023 May 1) JASA Express Lett 3(5): Shen Y, Langley L

Verification of Estimated Output Signal-to-Noise Ratios From a Phase Inversion Technique Using a Simulated Hearing Aid. (2023 Mar) Am J Audiol 32(1): 197-209 Yun D, Shen Y, Lentz JJ

Feasibility of hearing aid gain self-adjustment using speech recognition. (2022) J Acoust Soc Korea 41(1): 76-86 Yun D, Shen Y, Zhang Z