SPHSC 533 Medical Speech-language Pathology (3)
Provides an overview of the nature of speech-language pathology practice in medical settings. Examines the delivery of speech-language pathology interventions in the context of healthcare and hospital structure and operations, medical procedures and treatments, such as tracheostomy and pharmacology, interprofessional collaboration, and medical ethics. Prerequisite: either SPHSC 501; SPHSC 531; SPHSC 532; and SPHSC 534, or permission of instructor. Offered: S.
Summer 2023
Line Number Section ID Credits Days/Times Room/Bldg
13477A3.0Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:20pm - 7:20pmG01 (EGL)
13478B3.0Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:20pm - 7:20pmG01 (EGL)