Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ph.D. student, Julie Feuerstein was awarded the Gatzert Child Welfare fellowship. This prestigious fellowship was established in 1930 by the Bailey and Babette Gatzert foundation for Child Welfare. The funds are used to promote education for the better care and treatment of children suffering from defects, either physical or cognitive in nature.

Julie is an SLP who obtained her Master's degree from Boston University in 2003 and worked at the Children's Hospital Boston before moving to WA and working at two pediatric practices in Tacoma and North Bend focused on early intervention. While practicing, she came to the UW SPHSC department in 2007 to work with Dr. Olswang on an NIH funded research project examining the efficacy of an intervention to teach young children (10-24 months) with severe physical disability to use eye gaze as an early signal of communication (Triadic Eye Gaze Grant).

In 2009 she was accepted in the UW SPHSC Ph.D. program under the mentorship of Dr. Olswang to pursue her ongoing interests in early intervention and treatment for children with severe disabilities. She will graduate in Autumn 2015 and her dissertation is entitled: "Training Speech-Language-Pathologists to Recognize Early Signals of Communication in Young Children with Severe Physical Disabilities". This research builds on the Triadic Eye Gaze intervention research to improve early interventions designed to facilitate communication between children and their caregivers.