Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Senior lecturer and clinical supervisor, Lisa Illich, was recently appointed to the Washington State Board of Hearing and Speech for a three year term. 

The mandate of the Board of Hearing and Speech is to protect the public’s health and safety and to promote the welfare of the state by regulating the competency and quality of professional healthcare providers under its jurisdiction. The board accomplishes this through a variety of activities working with the Department of Health, Health Systems Quality Assurance division.

Board duties include:

  • Regulating the competency and quality of professional healthcare providers under its jurisdiction by establishing, monitoring and enforcing qualifications for licensure
  • Establishing and monitoring compliance with continuing education requirements
  • Ensuring consistent standards of practice
  • Developing continuing competency mechanisms
  • Assessing, investigating and making recommendations related to complaints against audiologists, speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathology assistants and hearing instrument fitter/dispensers which may range from a Notice of Correction to a license revocation.
  • Serving as reviewing members on disciplinary cases and serve on disciplinary hearing panels.
  • Serving as members of standing committees, when appointed.
  • Developing rules, policies and procedures that promote the delivery of quality healthcare to state residents.

We know Lisa will be an excellent voice for our field!