The SPHSC Department offers undergraduate majors two types of research experiences:

  1. SPHSC Honors Program

    For this experience, students participate in a year-long faculty supervised research project, which culminates in a written thesis and oral presentation at the SPHSC Honors Colloquium.  The honors project is typically carried out during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters of senior year, and students register for a minimum of 6 credits of SPHSC 498: Undergraduate Honors Research.  Interested students must apply to the Honors Program and should closely review the specific policies and procedures associate with this experience. 

  2. Independent Study (IS)

    For this opportunity, students work with a faculty mentor for 1-2 quarters completing a small-scale investigation into an agreed upon topic with a specific scholarly output. Students register for SPHSC 499: Undergraduate Research credits during the quarter(s) they participate.  

    This type of experience is appropriate for students who:

    • Cannot commit to the 3 quarter Honors Program process, but are interested in gaining exposure to research
    • Want to gain greater depth of knowledge in a particular topic area that cannot be met through regular coursework

    IS experiences can take several formats, but typically involve meetings with the faculty member directing the project, a literature review and/or completion of assigned readings, and some type of final product that is evaluated (e.g., paper, report, participation in a faculty publication, presentation at a conference, etc.).

    The assignments and outcomes for each IS are closely tied to the expected hours of effort dictated by credits. Every 1 credit of IS is equivalent to 3 hours of work per week. A 2 credit commitment, therefore, would require 20 hours of work per quarter, 3 credits would be 30 hours, etc.