The NW Registry and Repository (R&R) serves as a participant pool for studies conducted in the Aphasia Research Lab, as well as a way to keep the Aphasia Research Lab in touch with the aphasia community. Individuals with aphasia who are interested in being involved in research first sign up for the R&R. Following testing, their eligibility for various research studies in the lab is evaluated, and individuals may be contacted later to be offered the opportunity to participate.


The aphasia registry includes the names and contact information of study participants. We use this information to get in touch with potential participants. We also periodically send out information about events, resources, and news that may be of interest to people with aphasia and their caregivers. 


The aphasia repository includes testing results regarding the presence and type of aphasia, as well as related disorders such as apraxia of speech and/or dysarthria. This information is stored confidentially and can only be accessed by members of the Aphasia Research Lab. It is used to match potential participants to studies that they may be interested in completing. 

If you are interested in joining the Northwest Aphasia Registry and Repository, please call our lab at (206) 685-2140 or email


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