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Recent Publications
The effect of the auditory signal on videolaryngostroboscopy ratings and interpretation. (2021 Jun 8) J Voice Sauder C, Giliberto JP, Eadie T

Effect of Noise on Speech Intelligibility and Perceived Listening Effort in Head and Neck Cancer. (2021 Jun 18) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 30(3S): 1329-1342 Eadie TL, Durr H, Sauder C, Nagle K, Kapsner-Smith M, Spencer KA

Communicative Participation and Quality of Life in Pretreatment Oral and Oropharyngeal Head and Neck Cancer. (2021 Mar) Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 164(3): 616-623 Sauder C, Kapsner-Smith M, Baylor C, Yorkston K, Futran N, Eadie T

Does the accuracy of case history affect interpretation of videolaryngostroboscopic exams? (2020 Mar) Laryngoscope 130(3): 718-725 Sauder C, Nevdahl M, Kapsner-Smith M, Merati A, Eadie T

Does the Accuracy of Medical Diagnoses Affect Novice Listeners' Auditory-Perceptual Judgments of Dysphonia Severity? (2020 Mar) J Voice 34(2): 197-207 Sauder C, Eadie T