Assistant Professor
Postdoctoral fellow, Speech and Brain Lab, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
PhD, Graduate Program for Neuroscience – Computational Neuroscience, Boston University, Boston, MA
Graduate certificate, Cognitive sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Recent Publications
Elevated iron concentration in putamen and cortical speech motor network in developmental stuttering. (2021 Nov 9) Brain Cler GJ, Krishnan S, Papp D, Wiltshire CEE, Chesters J, Watkins KE

Oral configurations during vowel nasalization in English. (2021 May) Speech Commun 129(): 17-24 Cler GJ, Perkell JS, Stepp CE

Functional organisation for verb generation in children with developmental language disorder. (2021 Feb 1) Neuroimage 226(): 117599 Krishnan S, Asaridou SS, Cler GJ, Smith HJ, Willis HE, Healy MP, Thompson PA, Bishop DVM, Watkins KE

Integrated Head-Tilt and Electromyographic Cursor Control. (2020 Jun) IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 28(6): 1442-1451 Vojtech JM, Hablani S, Cler GJ, Stepp CE

Listener Age and Gender Diversity: Effects on Voice-based Perception of Gender. (2021 Sep) J Voice 35(5): 739-745 Brown KM, Dahl KL, Cler GJ, Stepp CE