Assistant Professor
Postdoctoral fellow, Speech and Brain Lab, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
PhD, Graduate Program for Neuroscience – Computational Neuroscience, Boston University, Boston, MA
Graduate certificate, Cognitive sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Recent Publications
LaDIVA: A neurocomputational model providing laryngeal motor control for speech acquisition and production. (2022 Jun) PLoS Comput Biol 18(6): e1010159 Weerathunge HR, Alzamendi GA, Cler GJ, Guenther FH, Stepp CE, Zañartu M

Elevated iron concentration in putamen and cortical speech motor network in developmental stuttering. (2021 Nov 29) Brain 144(10): 2979-2984 Cler GJ, Krishnan S, Papp D, Wiltshire CEE, Chesters J, Watkins KE

Oral configurations during vowel nasalization in English. (2021 May) Speech Commun 129(): 17-24 Cler GJ, Perkell JS, Stepp CE

Functional organisation for verb generation in children with developmental language disorder. (2021 Feb 1) Neuroimage 226(): 117599 Krishnan S, Asaridou SS, Cler GJ, Smith HJ, Willis HE, Healy MP, Thompson PA, Bishop DVM, Watkins KE

Integrated Head-Tilt and Electromyographic Cursor Control. (2020 Jun) IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 28(6): 1442-1451 Vojtech JM, Hablani S, Cler GJ, Stepp CE