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Curriculum Vitae: 

Speech & Hearing Sciences
1417 NE 42nd St, Seattle, WA 98105
Eagleson 252


Senior Lecturer and Researcher
Director, SPHSC Bachelor of Science Program
PhD Rehabilitation Science, University of Washington (2013)
MA Speech-Language Pathology, California State University, Fresno (2000)
Academic Expertise: 
Acquired neurological communication disorders
Interprofessional education (IPE)
Accent modification
Honors & Awards: 
ASHA Editor's Award. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (2016)
American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship (2012)
ASHA Editor’s Award. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (2012)

Michael Burns joined the Speech and Hearing Sciences faculty initally as a teaching assistant in 2008 during his Ph.D. program. He taught several graduate and undergradaute courses in the SPHSC department before completing his doctoral program in 2013. Since then, he has continued to teach courses in the SPHSC department as a Clinical Instructor and now a Lecturer, as well as supervise graduate SLP and AuD students in the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic. 

Dr.  Burns' research focuses on helping individuals with communication disorders increase their access to quality health care services through improved patient-provider communication during medical interactions. Specifically, this research involves training students and licensed health care providers from different medical disciplines to communicate more effectively when interacting with patients who have communication disorders. To date, this research has trained over 500 medical, nursing, and rehabilitation students at UW.  

Dr. Burns teaches undergradaute courses on acquired speech and language disorders (SPHSC 305), anatomy and physiology of speech production (SPHSC 320), and neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of communication (SPHSC 449). He teaches the 2nd year graduate ProSeminar (SPHSC 565) course, and co-teaches a course on improving patient-provider communication for patients with communication disorders (REHAB 496). Dr. Burns also supervises graduate SLP and AuD students in the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic. 


Recent Publications
Patient-Provider Communication Training for Dysarthria: Lessons Learned from Student Trainees. (2017 Jul) Semin Speech Lang 38(3): 229-238 Burns M, Baylor C, Yorkston K

Assessing the Believability of Standardized Patients Trained to Portray Communication Disorders. (2017 Aug 15) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 26(3): 791-805 Baylor C, Burns MI, Struijk J, Herron L, Mach H, Yorkston K

Wireless communication system via nanoscale plasmonic antennas. (2016 Aug 24) Sci Rep 6(): 31710 Merlo JM, Nesbitt NT, Calm YM, Rose AH, D'Imperio L, Yang C, Naughton JR, Burns MJ, Kempa K, Naughton MJ

Asking the Stakeholders: Perspectives of Individuals With Aphasia, Their Family Members, and Physicians Regarding Communication in Medical Interactions. (2015 Aug) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 24(3): 341-57 Burns M, Baylor C, Dudgeon BJ, Starks H, Yorkston K

A qualitative study of interference with communicative participation across communication disorders in adults. (2011 Nov) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 20(4): 269-87 Baylor C, Burns M, Eadie T, Britton D, Yorkston K