Your hearing solution doesn’t end when we fit you with your new technology. Our audiologists are available for adjustments and the counseling to maximize your hearing success.

For many patients, hearing rehabilitation is an ongoing process. You should expect to work side-by-side with your audiologist and give updates regularly with any environments that continue to cause frustration. Today’s technology provides a great deal of flexibility in programming, so please allow us to continue to adapt the technology to your changing lifestyle demands. Over time, our consultative approach will provide a long-term solution that will assist you in reconnecting to life.

Depending on your specific hearing needs, your audiologist may recommend a rehabilitation program to help you adjust to your new technology and to manage the ongoing frustrations and effects of hearing loss. Combining a rehabilitation program with your new hearing technology will provide the greatest level of success in reconnecting you to your world.

Additionally, proper maintenance of your new hearing technology is vital to ensure it is functioning at its best. We recommend you visit our office to have your hearing technology cleaned and checked every 6 months.

We understand what it means for you to be able to reconnect with your family, friends, and community. We’re passionate about creating solutions matched specifically to your individual hearing needs. Simply stated, assuring your satisfaction is our highest priority.