Kristie A. Spencer
Phone: +1 206 543-7980

Announcements in 2018

  • Dr. Spencer was the Invited Co-Chairperson, Conference on Motor Speech; Savannah, GA (February 2018)
  • Dr. Spencer was nominated for:
    • University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award
    • University of Washington David B. Thorud Leadership Award
    • University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Dr. Spencer was promoted to Full Professor


  • Katie Brown was chosen as a Tillman Scholar!

press release:





Katie Brown, M.S.

Doctoral Student

Pre-Dissertation Project: Speech impairment profiles in individuals with Parkinson's disease

Chosen as a 2018 Tillman Scholar!

Recipient of the 2018 University of Washington Retirement Association (UWRA) Scholarship!




Mallory Dawson, M.S.

Recent Graduate, Medical SLP Program

Master's Thesis: Do Perceptual Subgroups exist in Ataxic Dysarthria?  Work presented at 2017 ASHA conference (Los Angeles, CA) and 2018 Conference on Motor Speech (Savannah, GA).


Taylor Ellerbrock, B.A.

Recent graduate, Core SLP program

Work study Research Assistant


Jennifer Smasne, M.S.

Recent Graduate, Medical SLP Program

Master's Thesis:  Cognitive Rehabilitation for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Developing and Piloting an External Aids Treatment Program. Work presented at the 2017 ASHA conference (Los Angeles, CA).

Recipient of the 2016 ASHA Students Preparing for Academic and Research Careers award AND the 2016 Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences Conference Fellowship Award!




Clare Friedlander, B.A.

Graduate Student: Core SLP Program

Master's Thesis:  Health-related quality of life in individuals with Parkinson's disease.  Succesfully defended June 6, 2018!


Katie Cornell, B.A., BBA

Graduate Student: Medical SLP program

Master's thesis: Using Smartphone Applications to Support Cognition in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Treatment Study.  Successfully defended August 6, 2018!



Doctoral and Master's Thesis Alumni


Susannah Balestracci, Master's Thesis


Phillip Weir-Mayta, Doctoral Degree, Awarded UWRA Fellowship and Scholarship

Ashley France, Master's Thesis


Caitlin Sears, Master's Thesis


Erika Hutchison, Master's Thesis, Recipient of Plural Publishing Research Award


Elizabeth Horwitz, Master's Thesis


Kristin France, Master's Thesis


Audra McAllen, Master's Thesis

Janelle Sanchez, Master's Thesis


Emily Blond, Master's Thesis

Holly Kavalier, Master's Thesis (Co-Mentor)

Kelly Morgan, Master's Thesis, Recipient of ASHA's Students Preparing for Academic & Research Careers Award


Dana Slocomb, Master's Thesis


Emily Johnson, Master's Thesis

Erin Wiley, Master's Thesis