Kristie A. Spencer
Professor and Associate Chair
Phone: +1 206 543-7980


  • In November 2023, doctoral student Dale Summers was awarded a $2000 minigrant from CREATE (Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences) to fund her dissertation and beyond. Congratulations Dale!
  • Tamar Nir and Haley Bouchard gave well-attended poster presentations at the November 2023 ASHA conference in Boston, MA! 
  • Dale Summers received a 'best poster' award at the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) 2023 Science Expo.
  • Master's thesis student Haley Bouchard was awarded the 2022 Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences Conference Student Fellowship.
  • Haley Bouchard is a recipient of ASHA's competitive SPARC award (Students Preparing for Academic and Research Careers) for 2022-2023! 
  • Kristie Spencer gave an invited talk at ASHA in November 2022, along with co-presenters Dr. Edy Strand and Dr. Lauren Bislick entitled, "Pearls of Wisdom in the Management of Motor Speech Disorders: Reframing the Classics."
  • Dale Summers was awarded a position on the highly competitive 2022-2023 Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) training grant!  Trainees receive a year of funding as well as mentored interdisciplinary research training and opportunities. Dale will represent our lab and SPHSC Department in a multidisciplinary cohort of 18 trainees across UW and Montana State University.  Congratulations Dale!
  • Doctoral student Dale Summers was awarded the UW Retirement Association Patricia Dougherty 2022 Fellowship in Aging. 
  • Doctoral student Tamar Nir was awarded the 2021-2022 GSEE Diversity Fellowship which provides a year of funding. 
  • Doctoral student Dale Summers and Kristie Spencer were awarded ASHA's 2021 Meritorious Poster Submission for their conference poster, "Predicting cognitive decline in Parkinson disease: The Dual-Syndrome Hypothesis".
  • Kristie Spencer gave an invited talk at the 2021 ASHA conference: Motor speech and cognitive disorders in Parkinson's disease: Current evidence and practice recommendations. Washington D.C. 
  • Kristie Spencer, colleague Jacqueline Daniels, and doctoral student Tamar Nir recently published an invited continuing education article on Becoming a Medical SLP. Available at (article 20494). 
  • Kristie Spencer and Jacqueline Daniels, M.S. are series editors for the textbooks Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependence in Adults and Children,  Primary Progressive Aphasia and Other Frontotemporal Dementias and Person-centered Memory and Communication interventions for Dementia  and authors/editors of the textbook, Medical Setting Considerations for the SLP through Plural Publishing. 


Lab Members

Tamar Nir, M.S., CCC-SLP

Doctoral student





Dale Summers, M.S., CCC-SLP

Doctoral student



Haley Bouchard, B.S. 

Master's thesis student





Sameyah Manzon-Vun, B.S.

Master's student volunteer 


Gillian Elder, B.S.

Master's student research assistant

Former undergrad volunteer


Benjamin Wright, B.S.

Master's student research assistant

Volunteers! Mariel Pinto (MedSLP), Christina Williams (MedSLP), Echo Baraquio (UG)

Doctoral and Master's Thesis Alumni


Katherine Brown, Doctoral Degree, Awarded UWRA Fellowship and Scholarship, Pat Tillman Foundation Scholar

Jessica Amaral, Master's Thesis


Manisha Gore, Master's Thesis


Catherine Cornell, Master's Thesis

Clare Friedlander, Master's Thesis


Mallory Dawson, Master's Thesis

Jennifer Smasne (Paul), Master's Thesis, Recipient of ASHA's Students Preparing for Academic & Research Careers Award and ANCDS Conference Fellowship Award


Susannah Balestracci, Master's Thesis


Phillip Weir-Mayta, Doctoral Degree, Awarded UWRA Fellowship and Scholarship

Ashley France, Master's Thesis


Caitlin Sears, Master's Thesis


Erika Hutchison, Master's Thesis, Recipient of Plural Publishing Research Award


Elizabeth Horwitz, Master's Thesis


Kristin France, Master's Thesis


Audra McAllen, Master's Thesis

Janelle Sanchez, Master's Thesis


Emily Blond, Master's Thesis

Holly Kavalier, Master's Thesis (Co-Mentor)

Kelly Morgan, Master's Thesis, Recipient of ASHA's Students Preparing for Academic & Research Careers Award


Dana Slocomb, Master's Thesis


Emily Johnson, Master's Thesis

Erin Wiley, Master's Thesis